teflon poisoning symptoms in birds

Source: Clinical signs are believed to be caused by the compound persin, which is found in all parts of avocados in the. By Brynne Stumpe, 2015 DVM Candidate University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine Extern, Pet Poison Helpline. Severe respiratory distress such as open mouth gulping Mild exposure may cause incoordination and wheezing Teflon or PTFE is responsible for many bird deaths per year, and work is being done to raise the awareness in bird owners to the dangers of using Teflon coated appliances. Unfortunately, polytetrafluoroethylene toxicosis in birds is not a slow-moving, gradual condition. For Birds Only - Pet Lovers USA is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to give your pet bird the best supplies and care. Larger birds may present with dyspnea, wheezing, ataxia, weakness, in respiratory distress, or seizuring. Blood samples should be collected in royal blue-top tubes to avoid zinc contamination leaching into the sample. Other household products frequently coated with PTFE include drip pans, heat lamp covers, irons, and ironing board covers. *Wag! Treatment: No antidote exists. However, due to the unique sensitivity caused by the structure of a bird’s respiratory system, birds are indeed susceptible to a condition called “teflon toxicity,” more formally referred to as PTFE poisoning/toxicosis. If a bird or any pet in the home is diagnosed with lead poisoning, always recommend that people in the home, especially the children, should be tested too. Though the burning of PTFE has also been known to cause lung problems in humans, the signs of human poisoning are much less severe. I'm sorry for the loss of your Snowflake. Teflon has other brand names that you should be aware of such as Silverstone, Supra, Excalibur, Resistal, Xylon, Duracote, Autograph, and T-Fal. Jones, Michael P. (2007, February). Your bird doesn’t even need to be NEAR the offending appliance or item for poisoning to happen. These pots and pans can be stable and safe when used properly, and food and oils are heated at a safe heat. Agency of Record: DVM Insurance Agency. They can be extremely deadly to pe... Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which are controlling. You will know if your bird has suffered from fumes or aerosol poisoning because it will have difficulty breathing, tremors and other neurological symptoms. Toxins can be a serious problem in companion birds due to several factors including their size, efficient respiratory system, and curious nature. Inspired to banish dull winter months with bright, blossoming plants? “Bird proofing” your home is a great way to help keep your bird safe and healthy. The person gets distracted, the pan over heats or burns, and toxic gases are released into the air. The safest bet is to remove all nonstick-coated cookware from your kitchen because of how deadly Teflon toxicity is. The overheating of pans with PTFE can cause a person who already suffers from respiratory disease (such as asthma) to have an exacerbation of symptoms; but, in most cases, a fatality is unlikely. He later was on bottom of cage and when we took him to the er he passed away. Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle, and Nationwide is on your side are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Unfortunately, the time between the bird exhibiting symptoms and death, is usually short. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) toxicity is the correct name for Teflon poisoning. There are no specific symptoms or signs with Teflon poisoning, although difficult breathing (from mild to severe), as well as weakness, looking “fluffed” not using the perch, listlessness, coma, and death may be seen. Lead poisoning has historically been the most common metal poisoning in caged birds but, due to increased knowledge of the human health problems caused by lead, its use in the home has significantly decreased. Increase the ventilation: Turn on ceiling fans, floor fans, exhaust fans and even an attic fan. For more detailed information about how we use cookies, please review our. Upon examination, the bird’s lungs will be a dark red or purplish color, with visible signs of hemorrhage and congestion. Symptoms of PTFE toxicity include severe respiratory distress — open-mouthed breathing, tail bobbing and raspy breathing, coma, and birds dropping off their perches. Alternatively, consider boarding birds off-site during construction, remodeling, or intense whole-house cleaning until odors have dissipated. The best course of action to ensure your bird's health is prevention. If zinc cannot be removed promptly, chelation with calcium EDTA can be performed. Moving your bird's cage far away from the kitchen so it will be less exposed to the toxic fumes. Additional sources include fertilizers, some paints, zinc pyrithione shampoos, zinc oxide, and pennies minted after 1982. Symptoms of Bird Poisoning.

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