third conditional questions

Present Perfect for Life Experience (+ past simple). If you had come to the theatre with me yesterday, you would have enjoyed the play. Advertising, For use in the ESL classroom for speaking practice, discussion, debate and conversation. An anecdote, quiz question or a related image or video could all be used to achieve this. We use the third conditional (if + past perfect, would + have + past participle) to talk about something in the past that did not happen. Language Learning, Second, third and mixed conditionals discussion questions What would your second choice for a university or degree subject have been? Complete the following sentences using appropriate verb forms. Here is the second test: For some fun practice, try this listening exercise that uses a song by Taylor Swift. If you had been born 100 years earlier, how would your life have been different? If you had been offered a drug at school to make you pass all your exams, would you have taken it. Science, Marriage, Music, If you had been able to eat whatever you wanted as a child, what would you have eaten? Geography, history, politics, literature... Do not copy or translate - site protected by an international copyright. Answers 1. If you had If you ................ (come) to the theatre yesterday, you ................ (enjoy) the play. Football (Soccer), Brands, Customer Service, New Business, If the Allies hadn’t won World War II, how would the twentieth century have been different? Ethics, There are discussion questions on a range of topics including general, grammar and business English topics. Shopping, If you had found a thousand euros or dollars in the street this morning, what would you have done? 3. How is the third conditional different from the other conditionals? All rights reserved. • Notice how we can make either clause negative, with changes in the meaning: If I had taken an umbrella, I wouldn't have got wet. Explain that you don’t just want them to form 1 past conditional sentence from each point, they should explore each point fully in small groups and try to use the structure in a variety of ways: affirmative /negative / interrogative. Money, If Bruce had asked me,     I would have said 'yes. Language, War, Find out below. They __________ the books if you had told them. There are four conditionals, but this exercise is about the third one. Online Business, How would your life be different now if you had done that instead? Think about an important advancement in your field. International Markets, (= I'm at the party now - Third + Second Conditionals). International Marketing, Art, Literature, Click on the links below to learn and practice. Complete these sentences to make appropriate Third Conditional  sentences, using the correct form of the verbs in brackets. What would you have done in your last holiday if time, money etc had been no limit? Communication, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Choose the correct option for these third Conditional sentences. Mergers and Acquisitions, If somebody had invited you to an all-night rave last weekend, would you have gone? Food, Family, Copyright © 2019-2020 John O'Leary. Sport, (= but I did get wet), If I hadn't taken an umbrella, I would have got wet. First Conditional, Politics, Smartphones, Consultants, If+ Past Perfect - would + Perfect . Present Perfect for Life Experience (+ past simple), (= I did go to the party - Third conditional), If you hadn't invited me, I wouldn't be here now.

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