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… There’s really nothing I can say about this one. Japan is a mix of Tungus, Chinese and island Aborigines. I would compare the Arabs, Persians, Northern Indians to what is Northern Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. One day, Chinese economy will get much better and GDP Per Capita will not be forty years behind of Japan like today, and by that time you will find Chinese people are not so bad. Race refers to your phenotype, genetics. In Germany, we usually recognize people from Southern Europe, America, Russia etc. Nobody in Japan would mistake your name (Shen) for being Japanese – you may look Japanese (which I doubt), but your name is definitely not Japanese (no Japanese names end in “n,” always a vowel). I can’t think of a more extreme difference that I noticed between Japanese, Korean and Chinese people than their mannerisms in everyday life. The Korean and Japanese languages are not related to the Chinese language at all. Other than that glaring irregularity, good article. Agree with you! It’s considered rude to address a Korean person you don’t know well with their given name, so starting with a title is best. Basically Mary is saying that all Asians look alike just like Moors and Maroons (so called blacks) and she doesn’t care because anyone that isn’t a Caucasoid is inferior and unimportant. With enough practice, you’ll know Korean honorifics like the back of your hand and be able to dish them out to whoever, whenever like a true native. While the Cultural Revolution was a pivotal period in Modern China’s history. I think it made a huge difference. 44 apologies and Japan still has beautiful, grandiose temple celebrating war criminals. Even though China’s languages are the origin for Japanese and Korean, the spoken language seems like it could not be more different. Every Korean male believes he is the most important person on the planet, and acts accordingly. Korean writing system is invented all by themselves and it is totally different from Chinese. the spoken language seems like it could not be more different.”. I’m not quite sure why they seem to have such a monopoly in Korean schools… Of all the hong kong people I’ve met abroad; they have been quiet and reserved. I can totally understand. But soomooremal doesnt have any sort of chinese meaning, cant be explained in chinese and can be only explained by korean. when learning a new language. I think the kids are supposed to look at the pictures and choose which sentences are true. But, because this book likes to keep you on your toes, in the next chapter, Jason goes to the nurse with a headache. Have you ever been to Korea? No, you are wrong. You say Japanese are racist, but it took me like 10 years of living in Japan to learn any negative slang word about Koreans, they are so deeply hidden away and never used. “And lets point out that NEITHER of the 3 groups of Chinese people appreciate being generalised either. Given the immense social pressure on Koreans to speak perfect English, this is a source of shame for a lot of people who are not competent in it. POPULAR POSTS. Do you know what does 漢 mean in Chinese ? Plus Chinese is a tonal language where as korean and Japanese are not. Look it up before you say anything. Baekche, along with the other two Korean kingdoms, were not developed civilizations, but proto-states, they didn’t have a sophisticated and developed culture like the mainland dynasty, so maybe it had some influence in early Japan when the latter was also underdeveloped, but the high culture and technology all originated from the mainland. incorrect. Hosting an event that our readership would be interested in? But do u know any Cantonese or Mandarin ? Kelsey is true, it is because Korean, Japan and China used to be in a same country and his is why our languages and cultures etc have a lot of similarities. in Japan, many of Koguryo, Baekje, living descendants. Congrats on your marriage My favorite thing to do in Seoul is to ride bikes (which you can rent) along the Han river. By the way where in Europe do u live ? Korean News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyQBWd8nObA One can conclude Chinese writing that they use today is not very authentic as let say what it was 5000 years ago. Japanese think Taiwanese, and Chinese are the same, and that’s why we should be loyal to Mainland. 13 Things To Know When Working In a Korean Company.

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